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Hamilton Galeano

Remotely, from Colombia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄

I'm a Software Engineer specializing in Front-end development with skills in JavaScript, React, and Next.js, focused on creating modern and intuitive user interfaces to enhance the user experience.

I also have experience in Back-end technologies like Node.js and Nest.js, making me a versatile developer.

JavaScript React Next.js Node.js NestJS Astro UX & UI Design Tailwind CSS Bootstrap Git MongoDB Docker PostgreSQL


English Basic
Spanish Native or Bilingual

+10 Projects Delivered

Exciting Collaboration on API Colombia

I'm thrilled to share my recent collaboration on the API Colombia project, an inspiring open-source initiative aimed at enriching and making accessible a wealth of information about Colombia's vibrant biodiversity and culture.


InteliClic Forms

I recently worked on a series of forms for InteliClic, handling both the UI design and its coding implementation using Bootstrap. InteliClic specializes in building modern web and mobile apps with cutting-edge technologies for companies worldwide, focusing on creating user-loved solutions.



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Node Conf Colombia

International event focused on the entire Node.js ecosystem. It’s a non-profit event, where our attendees will be sharing in an environment of inclusion and respect, having access to relevant information through talks, workshops, and great experiences with the Colombian Node community.

MockupAdobe XdGatsby

JS Conf Colombia

One of the most important events that gather different people from different cities around the world, to talk about JavaScript technologies

MockupAdobe XdGatsby

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+6 Years of Experience

  1. - Present

    Moonshot Partners

    As an Associate Software Engineer, I actively sought guidance and support from experienced colleagues as I tackled small, specific tasks to develop my independent problem-solving skills.

    I focused on maintenance tasks, implementation of new features, and support for the organization's Sunlight product, using technologies such as Ember.js, Sass, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL for database management.

  2. -

    Front-End Developer | Eulerr App

    As a UI/UX Designer in the design team, I honed my skills as a Front-End Developer, creating a complete universe for the main streaming product and designing its interface.

    Collaborating with the team to gather feedback and continuously improve the product, I implemented the entire user interface using technologies such as React, Redux, and React-Material.

  3. -

    Web Design Specialist | NodeConf Colombia

    Proud to be part of the design and development team for NodeConfCo 2019 and 2020.

    My role was pivotal in creating the conference's graphic art, including banners, posters, business cards, and stands using Adobe Illustrator. Designed the official event website with Adobe Xd and collaborated with the development team to build the site with Gatsby.js.

  4. -

    Web Designer and Developer | JSConf Colombia

    As an active member of local communities, I seized the opportunity to share my Javascript experience.

    I planned and designed the official event website in Adobe Xd and worked with the development team to create the official 2019 website using Gatsby.js, taking charge of creating all the visual art for the conference.